November 16, 2010


I remember first time we met like it was just yesterday. It was my first week at hotel and I was incredibly hungry when I came to pool bar after finishin'  work in the afternoon. It was my first time I met u there. U introduced urself and took me to the kitchen, gave me sandvich with ham, cheese and tomato. I told u I hate tomatoes, but u didn't really care. So I just thanked and went to room. Danielle told me u were a good guy and that u helped her very much durin' her first days at hotel. This afternoons with sandwich were happenin' very often since then. We didn't talk much, I was sometimes complainin' about the work system or German guests and u were tellin' me how was it in the hotel from your experiences. U had plenty of them, coz as I remember, u were workin' there for many years. My first summer in hotel went fast I guess coz I simply cannot remember if we were goin' out much or not. But I do remember some other things which I'm gonna mention now...
For my second summer at hotel I took with me my two best friends, to have more fun by the sea far away from home. Three of us could have just good time together. As I expected u were there. We mailed each other durin' the winter so u knew I was comin' with friends. And I told u from the beginnin' not to even think about datin' one of them. But as usual u weren't listenin' and u took eye at the "weaker" one, Sonya. I told her not to mess up with u. Not that I wouldn't want her to be happy. I simply knew that u would screw her feelings. Remember Denisse? U proposed her before my first summer. Then u broke up and took the ring from her. Remember Mon? She came few weeks after me durin' the first summer, u gave her the same ring u gave to and took from Denisse and few weeks later u kicked her out of your house. How could u even think that I would approve such a think as u datin' my friend after all this I knew about u??? I was mad at u...and at Sonya as well, coz she didn't listen to me and she eventually left me at the bar alone to go somewhere with u!!! OMG u cannot imagine how mad I was that evenin'. Sonya could tell the time we stopped to comunicate. Durin' one fight at work u called me f*ckin' bitch. Remember how Dimitris wanted to punch u for that? :D I gotta laugh about it now...and after u called me pachavura? And when I found out what it means in greek I tough the whole really bad sentence to tell u, but I never did. We didn't talk till the end of summer. I didn't even say good bye when leavin' for flight home. But u never tried to make things right. So I guess I was still mad at u...all that time. I denied to apologize. What for? I wasn't that one who screw the rule of datin'.
I remember u mailed me askin' if I'm comin' back for my third summer. But I wasn't. Only Zoe was, but this time she knew that u are not that guy she should be datin'. I remember that evening u send me friend request on Facebook. And I ignored. I don't really know why I did so. If I was still little mad. U didn't apologized so it might be like that. I remember next day Zoe texted me u died. A car crashed into u with motorcycle at night. I couldn't believe what I just read. "Lucy, he died..." I certenly forgot about all bad, about the fights, u callin' me bitch and me callin' u malaka. And I thought of what good was there...the afternoons with sandwiches, the nights in Rhodes Town...the night u took me for my first ride at your motorcycle straight to tatoo saloon in Faliraki to get my second tatoo I wanted so much. I have to thank u for doin' this, coz if u didn't took me that night I wouldn't have my beautiful tatoo done. I'm sorry for leavin' without sayin' good bye. I really am. And I'm sorry I missed my last chance for talkin' to u...u might wanted to apologize or even just ask how I was...I admit that was the moment I screwed it.
It was 16 August 2010. Tears were fallin' down my face...and I still remember the first time we met at pool bar. I can hear your voice sayin' "Hey, I'm Alex. U must be Lucy, the new one."
In loving memory of my friend Alexis Licka, born 26 July 1974 and died 16 August 2010...

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